Here are some unsolicited comments about London Ballroom:


“Thank you. . . for making me feel welcome at your dance classes. . . the tuition has been excellent.” - Paul


“Terrific. . . expert tuition. . . great to see people who are so delighted to be learning something new. . . you blew their mind with the Cha Cha routine (one of them standing next to me at the time said "it's like magic").” - Garrie


“A very, very, very, very, wonderful teacher” - Stan


“I am hearing wonderful things about you by the way!” - Michael (on feedback from members of his organisation for which we were running private classes)


“Great teachers. . . the class was brilliant” - Cannie 


"I like the pace of the class, it has good teachers :-), and the space is great - i.e. bright, spacious, clean wood floor, and air-conditioned. . . this is the first class I have found which suits me.”- Gini


“The key is clearly to have enough male partners for the endless stream of ladies that want to learn.  You certainly achieved that. . . there are many dance classes around, I have tried most of them but this one for me was possibly the best.” - Ronda


“Best beginners Ballroom and Latin dancing class in London!” - Dawn