Who we are: Pat

As a child Pat gained a scholarship to the Italia Conti Stage School, and worked through to Elementary Ballet and Grade 4 Stage Dance Branch. As a child and teenager she worked in many stage productions including at the London Palladium.

  • She is an Examiner with the ISTD.
  • She sits on two ISTD committees.
  • She has lectured to dance professionals.
  • She is helping to create the new QCA Graded exam syllabi for amateurs, and the FDI and CDE exam syllabi for professionals.

Pat Woor is our Principal.

She danced in Stanley Jackson's North Twenty Formation Team, and as an amateur and professional in Latin American and Ballroom competitions.

She is a Championship Adjudicator for the British Dance Council, and an International Adjudicator for the World Dance and Dance Sport Council. She adjudicates regularly at ISTD events and is a disco / freestyle and rock 'n' roll Competition Organiser. She has taught amateurs and professionals for open competition.

She has worked for some of the most influential teachers in dance, viz Gwenethe Walshe, Michael and Monica Needham, Gordon Little, and Sydney Francis.

She has six ISTD Fellowships (Latin American, Ballroom, Viennese Waltz, Disco / Freestyle, Rock 'n' Roll, and Sequence) and an Associate (Country Western).